Both Barrels the followup for last years Walking to Babylon has finally hit the streets.

Why not take a walk with Sammy Soriano as he and new partner--out from Chicago--Vinny the Stick  try to keep in the desert city.

Available as e-book now and paperback soon.

I've spent a lot of years working with the Sacramento lawman--Dan Bardwell--and although I'm most of the way through a follow-up novel to Ain't No LAw in California, I wanted to try taking Bardwell in a new, darker direction.

Scratches is the first of a planned series of short stories to support the novels.

The story is free and available through Smashwords, Nook, Ibook and others.

Did I say this one is free?

Okay, so something like 10 years in the making....its a long story, believe me.

Ain't No Law in California has hit the streets.

Ride along with Dan Bardwell the Sacramento lawman and his young partner Franklin Curtis as they chase more than one outlaw halfway to hell  and back.

The novel length story is avaialble in both paperback and a Kindle version.

Walking to Babylon my gritty, Las Vegas crime story is out and available through Amazon for the time. 

Paperback will follow shortly.


If you read last years contribution to Paladins.... you'll love this one.


Tommy Two-Guns Viglerchio is dying with cancer and his lifelong pal, Sammy Soriano knows it

Crossfire from 10th Rule Books is out and available from Amazon at the moment. Over the next few days this one should be available for any electronic reader as it will go out through Banes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and such.


Are you reading this one? It's free at Smashwords 

Jesus Just Left Chicago

'Jesus Just Left Chicago' at Dead Guns Press. Stop in an take a look. Don't forget to hit the Facebook share button.