Christopher Davis is a central California native and grandfather of three rambunctious little ones. When not tending herd, he writes crime, western and horror fiction under his own name and erotic crime stories under the pseudonym TJ Adams. His work has been published in both the US & England.

Chris lives with his wife and a little dog that has nearly lost his mind….


OK, enough with all the formal stuff, huh?


With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s the time of year when I look back and post an update of sorts here and what a year 2016 was for me as a writer kind of dude.


The year started out knowing that I had secured a spot in the Multiple Myeloma Research Charity Anthology—Paladins—to be published in England.


There were a couple of short stories in the Dead Guns Press e-zine and I managed a spot in their first print magazine.


February saw an acceptance for a short 1930’s prohibition era crime story Due to a Dame, in their Dames & Sin crime anthology, only to be followed by inclusion in the DGP western anthology, Hangmen & Bullets after getting turned down a time or two.


By the time the Hangmen & Bullets made it to press, there was not one, but two short Christopher Davis western included, The Devils Hand and Arroyo Diablo.


As I waited for those two to hit the streets, news started to filter out that Thuglit had closed its doors and was soon followed by word that Pulp Modern would be no more. Before either of the DGP anthologies hit the street, they too had closed up shop?


A big hit for a short story writer, huh?


I continued to work on the longer stuff as always. I never cared much for placing flash fiction and short stories anyway.


June saw me pen a very accidental erotic short story—An Innocent Actthat I eventually submitted. The story was turned down due to length, but the gal who did it insisted that I keep trying to find a home for it. Taking the advice, I continued shopping it around and eventually signed a three year contract for the story and found a place with the largest publisher that I’ve worked with thus far (Solstice Publishing). A much longer erotic / crime novella—Pandora’s Box—followed and has been my best selling story to date.


Writing erotica brought up an issue…would I want a casual reader of my crime stories to find this stuff by accident? The penname TJ Adams was born and the two of us haven’t looked back, as we plan to put out a follow up to Pandora, another short story and a third novella in ’17.


In working with my editor, I managed to get her to read various stories that lived in the hard drive of my computer, she agreed and the short story Cinnamon Girl, along with a pair of 1930’s crime novellas Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas and a short horror story A Murder of Crows found a home.


This was all great news, but there was more in store for the year, as a longer (novel) version of the charity anthology story—Walking to Babylonand a full length dystopian / post-apocalyptic western—Ain’t No Law in California were signed also.


What a year, but late summer saw the acceptance of the central California crime novellas—Crossfireand a rather long short story—Setupaccepted by publishing startup, 10th Rule Books.  


So, I go into 2017 expecting to be included in another of the charity anthologies out of England and am nearly finished with the follow up to the western novel. TJ’s three erotic stories are complete and should be out soon and I’m also going back through a novel length story penned years ago, now that I have a proper ending to the story after a recent, tragic family event.


So in the coming year, we will see at least the two novels and hopefully two more.


I guess that we’ll just have to wait and see and oh, yeah….thanks for being a part of all of this, I really appreciate it.



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