"Enjoyable Vegas tale of gangsters, friendship and family."

"The narrative has an easy cadence to it, which just keeps you turning the pages. "


Another year and another Sammy Soriano crime story...well, two of them really. Why not? 

What started out as the short Las Vegas crime story Low and Outside in the British cancer anthology Paladins and became last years Walking to Babylon has come full circle with Both Barrels. 

After taking out the Mexican nationals in the desert, Tommy Viglierchio is dead and things are just starting to heat up for Sammy Soriano with Mickey the Wop in the hospital and his kids in town to visit.

Along with Mickey's kids, Soriano has his hands full with one hitman after another blowing into town to settle the score.

More cigarettes, more bourbon and more shallow graves that will litter the desert just outside of the desert city that never sleeps.

Ride along with Sammy and his new partner from Chicago

Vinny the Stick as they try to keep control of what could be a very volitile situation. 


"It was one of those novels where you're happy to reach for it at every opportunity."


"The guts of this story are the harsh realities of the gritty Las Vegas casino underbelly.


Jesus Just Left Chicago

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