Christopher Davis is a central California writer of crime, western and horror fiction and the grandfather of four rambunctious little ones. His stories have been published in both the US and England. Chris lives with his wife and a little dog that has nearly lost his mind or is that his owner?


Okay…enough of the formal stuff, huh?


It’s the end of June already. Where did the time go? It seems like I just sat down and revised this page for the upcoming year of 2017. ’17 went pretty much as expected with the novels Walking to Babylon and Ain’t No Law in California being published by Solstice Publishing. I did a few short stories in playing with the Dan Bardwell character and trying to send him off in a darker direction, but that was about it, really.


I’d been hustling stories since the first piece was picked up back in what 2012? The years following saw me glued to my laptop living on social media when not actively writing. What a drain, social media.


It’s a tough gig, writing. You work late into the night when everyone else is asleep, hoping to hear back from some publisher, only to turn used-car salesman afterward in trying to get someone to read one or better yet, leave a review. We all do it in some fashion, we have to.  


I love writing, always have. I’ve been crafting my little stories since my elementary school teachers taught me how to string words together back when I was a boy, but the drain of pushing stories onto people who I don’t know became too much. I needed a break and vowed to clamp down on the time that I would spend on Facebook and Twitter and the like.


The oldest photographs that can be found of me—when I was a toddle—include a guitar, I always wanted to be a musician. In fact, I found limited success starting with garage bands when I was in school which eventually led to paying gigs in bars, a demo recording and air-time on local radio. As a replacement for that time spent trolling possible readers, I strung up my old Charvel and never looked back.


It turns out that one can exist with little social media and you know what…I think that I feel better for it. Everything is negative these days and so many are offended by any little thing?


So yeah, I still write. The follow up to last year’s crime novel Walking to Babylon, Both Barrels has hit the streets in both Kindle and paperback. A couple of local—indie—bookstores have agreed to carry a few on their shelves. And…I’ve recently submitted a tragic romance; Tuesday’s Gone to Solstice for their review and hope to be hearing back shortly.


The stories are still coming, only longer now. I’d never been much of a short-story writer at any rate, only now the neighbors are hearing the likes of Motorhead or Iron Maiden emanating from my place in the off hours. I’ve gone as far as making contact with local musicians to see if any have interest in staring an old-guy metal band.  


For now, keep reading. That’s what life is really about, right, so many books and so little time? Be sure and leave a review when you do. Whether it’s one of mine or some other guy, we really do depend on them and appreciate it more than you could possibly know.