Christopher Davis is a central California writer of crime, western and horror fiction and the grandfather of four rambunctious little ones. His stories have been published in both the US and England. Chris lives with his wife and a little dog that has nearly lost his mind or is that his owner?


Okay…enough of the formal stuff, huh?


Wow...we're closing in on mid-2019 already. Where does the time go? My fourth grandchild just had her 1st birthday last weekend and I must be getting old.


For any of you that have been following over the years, you've noticed that as a writer, I've slowed to a trickle. Gone are the days spending all my time in search of some internet magazine or crime anthology looking for a story. I never really had my heart into the short stories anyway. The long game was what I was looking for. After a handful of novel length stories in various genres, some self published and some with an indie publishing house, I sort of realized that there aren't that many willing to read them. Sure I've got a handful of reviews and books placed in a library and a couple of bookstores. But the time spent surfing social media in trying to find a reader just isn't worth the investment. 


I still do a little work (as I have always enjoyed writing) but am spending more of my time behind a guitar and still trying to get the old-guy metal band off the ground.  


For now, keep reading. That’s what life is really about, right, so many books and so little time? Be sure and leave a review when you do. Whether it’s one of mine or some other guy, we really do depend on them and appreciate it more than you could possibly know.