Both Barrels the followup for last years Walking to Babylon has finally hit the streets.

Why not take a walk with Sammy Soriano as he and new partner--out from Chicago--Vinny the Stick  try to keep in the desert city.

Available as e-book now and paperback soon.

Black...the latest of the Dan Bardwell westerns has hit the street and is available for any e-reader through Smashwords or Amazon.

This short follows the novel 'Ain't No Law in California' and the shorts 'Scratches' & 'Unholy'

Give it a read...hell, give them all a read and let me know what you think.

I've spent a lot of years working with the Sacramento lawman--Dan Bardwell--and although I'm most of the way through a follow-up novel to Ain't No Law in California, I wanted to try taking Bardwell in a new, darker direction.

Scratches is the first of a planned series of short stories to support the novels.

The story is free and available through Smashwords, Nook, Ibook and others.

Did I say this one is free?

Okay, so something like 10 years in the making....its a long story, believe me.

Ain't No Law in California has hit the streets.

Ride along with Dan Bardwell the Sacramento lawman and his young partner Franklin Curtis as they chase more than one outlaw halfway to hell  and back.

The novel length story is avaialble in both paperback and a Kindle version.

Walking to Babylon my gritty, Las Vegas crime story is out and available through Amazon for the time. 

Paperback will follow shortly.


If you read last years contribution to Paladins.... you'll love this one.


Tommy Two-Guns Viglerchio is dying with cancer and his lifelong pal, Sammy Soriano knows it

Most likely the last story to surface during 2016, Double Tap by Christopher Davis / Todd Morr is a double shot of central California crime and available in both Kindle & paperback format. This one is full of Vegas mobsters, a Mexican drug boss and two kilos of cocaine.

A Murder of Crows is available in the Solstice Publishing anthology Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and now as a stand alone story for $.99.


This short is a psycological thriller that takes place in the small town of Litton when migrating crows return to town for another season.

Crossfire is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple.

This gritty crime novella could take place on the streets of any central California town.

If you like backroom gun deals, rouge government officials and a Mexican drug cartel, this one is for you.


This one is free through Smashwords

Meet Me in Tulsa is the latest of my 1930's prohibition era crime tales. The story is of a couple of cons recently released from the pen. Along the way gin-joints will fall, along with the First National Bank of Missouri.

Meet Me In Tulsa is available though Amazon and Solstice Publishing in both ebook and paperback.

Going Back to Dallas is another 1930's prohibition era crime story of Calvin Leff making a run on the Texas city to settle a score and a new friend that he meets along the way. It is now available through both Amazon and Solstice Publishing in ebook or paperback. 

Cinnamon Girl has finally hit the streets and is available in ebook form from Solstice Publishing. 

The short story is an earlier surreal / tragic horror kind of thing told by a father to his adult son while vacationing on their boat.

Cinnamon Girl is the story of the boat, the girl and a summer lived out a long time ago.


Hangmen and Bullets from Dead Guns Press is out for all to see and I've got a couple of stories in it. Arroyo Diablo The Devil's Hand. Both stories take place in the central California setting that I am familiar with and usually write about. Hangmen and Bullets is available in both e-book and paperback formats. Click the cover and head over to Amazon for a copy.

The long awaited Dames & Sin has just hit the streets and I've got one in it, Due to a Dame. A crime anthology with a title like that, I was thinking the 1930's when the dames were all dolled up and the gents wore stingy brimmed felt hats. Oh yeah, Chryslers and Cadillacs and Thompson machine guns and failed bank robberies. It was a fun story and I look forward to reading the others featured in the collection. This should be a good one.


My contribution to the Paladins charity anthology is a story titled Low and Outside. The story takes it's name and a few references from baseball, but is the tale of Sammy Soriano who grows up fatherless after the mob puts the squeeze on him one night. Soriano befriends another Jersey transplant and the pair soon find work busting balls for the old man. Soriano's pal Tommy Viglierchio has cancer and Soriano knows it, but there isn't much that he can do.


Issue # 1 Dead Guns Magazine

Issue # 1 of the long awaited Dead Guns Magazine hit the streets over the weekend and is available now in print and will soon be on Kindle.


My contribution--and possibly in the running for the shortest story--is 'Tomorrow's Sun'. A flash piece told in first person as a good 'ol boy makes his run from the law. He gets as far as New Mexico when he talks to his gal on a truck stop payphone and doubles back to California to pick her up before continuing east.

Pulp Modern #9

They Rode a Blue Flame in Pulp Modern #9. A young fellow relives an experience that he had while robbing a Yankee train back in '62 when those damned evil rubber women came to life. It's a steampunk kind of thing mixing Sci-fi and Civil War, but I'm happy with the way it came out.

The Big Adios

In This Side of the River Ira Stoudt and his young sidekick Franklin Curtis come to life in the rain-soaked river town of Kingston. After some uninvited guests raise a little too much hell, Stoudt & Company make a stand each armed with a brace of Colt pistols.

Avialable in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Ghosts An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond

Ghosts is out on Amazon. 14 stories, 13 authors. I've got a short story 'Rapid Departure' in this one. Dean West is thankful to get a seat on a red eye out of Philadelphia as a vicious winter snow storm threatens to shut things down. He falls with Patrick Sterling, the nervous passenger in seat 17C.

No Regrets

No Regrets


No Regrets is the short story sequel of the 2010 Novelette Dead Reckoning. After four long years Chet Seevers is back home in California. Longtime friend and salesman Sam Grimes stops by to verify the rumors that have been going around the industry for some time. Over dinner and a few drinks, the old salesman relives a long ago mission.

Among Us Soldiers

Among Us Soldiers


A supernatural short story that follows a freindly Civil War re-enactor as he takes two of his boys out for a weekend of fun. Rushed for time in planning the event, he gets a little more than he bargained for when makes the aquaintance of a pair of gentlemen from a long forgotten training camp that the city once housed.